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May 24th, 2020 | News | No Comments

Hello Hello you beautiful lovers of buttons!!

It has been a rough few months for small businesses all across America, and my little button shop was of no exception. It was hard to find motivation to blog about the few orders that came in and it was hard to find motivation to renew my business license in April. There was a lot of uncertainty surrounding everything and for a lot of people, there still is. We enter this world without promise or guarantees as to what the future will hold, so we do what we do and we press on in the best ways that we know how. Sometimes the best way is just deciding to wait until tomorrow before doing much of anything. My apologies to those orders that came through in March and April that are only getting their attention now.

I didn’t want to make any big decisions amidst the peak of confusion, so I decided to be still and sit with myself awhile…I’m really glad I did, because renewing my business license and pushing forward has lead to one of the most rewarding projects I’ve ever been a part of…but, there were orders that came before, so I’m going to dedicate this blog to orders that came before our worlds got pretty skewed and make a separate post to talk about the super cool, really awesome project I’m currently involved in and feel pretty grateful to be a part of. It really does deserve it’s own blog.

No two button orders are ever quite the same, so first how about some love for the bands, record labels, and tattoo artists who placed their orders over the last few months?

Post Rapture Party is a four-piece Psychedellic Shoegaze band from Seattle, WA. They describe themselves as the after party for “the ones who were left behind”. In the slider above, you’ll find the sweet 1.75″ pin-back buttons they ordered(along side everyone else’s order in this blog). One looks like a throwback to a 70’s style neon sign and the other is a cute little sleeping bat. One in full color, and the other in black and white. Never an extra charge for multiple designs and never an extra charge for color print.

Check them out on their youtube channel.

They are also on Facebook, Reverb Nation, and Twitter.

I also did a couple of the new $99 sample swag packs I’m now offering for Pier Rat Records from San Clemente, California. For $99, you get 50 each of the three most popular products I offer; 1″ pinback buttons, 2.25″ magnets, and 2.25″ key-ring bottle openers. This price includes shipping (does not include tax). This is great for bands with multiple designs or labels like Pier Rat Records. For both orders they did a 50/50 split design.

Their first order was for Bremerton grown punk band, NEUTRALBOY!, in celebration of their latest release, Thee Inevitable Sellout. The second order was for The Outskirts, who just dropped Freedom Isn’t Free on 7″ Vinyl. You can grab both these albums off the Pier Rat Records website.

I’ve also started doing little videos behind the scenes of the work that goes into hand punching and hand pressing all the buttons I make. Thanks again Pier Rat Records for choosing me to make your buttons. Nothing makes me happier than punching out cool designs for the awesome people who love my buttons.

I made some tried and true 1″ pin-backs for Vacnouver BC punk/thrash band, Austringer. The band is like a super group, spawned from members of Likely Rads, Night Terrors, LAMS, and Fucking Unicorns. They are another repeat client that orders more than one design each time they place an order.

They have a couple EP’s available up on their bandcamp you can go check out.

They also have a YouTube Channel, a Facebook, and an Instagram you can follow if you’d like to learn more about the band.

I also made the third or fourth order that has come in for another local to the world of Seattle music, The Wreck’d. They have a cool, simple logo that looks great on a button and they have sampled a little bit of everything I have available. The last order they placed was for 2.25″ pin-back buttons. I love it when a band decides to go with something a little different from the norm on size, because then their button really stands out on the wearer.

They have a few tracks available on their bandcamp right now.

They’ve been working hard and putting some time in the studio right before Covid hit and were gearing up for a pretty decent show in Everette, WA, before everything got shut down. Go check ’em out and give them and all the bands you love a little extra attention in the months to come. The music and art community was hit pretty hard with the current state of the world, and if you can afford to support the music you love, I highly encourage you to do so.

Also did a small order of 100 1″ pinbacks for Pig Records. Pig Records has been a strong supporter of freedom of speech and has been representing punk bands and more all over the NW and beyond since 2007(the owner for even longer). They have a pretty big list of bands they work for, so if you’re looking to grow your punk rock collection, you should definitely check them out. Here’s one of the many bands you can find in their repertoire.

Pig Records Youtube Channel

Pig Records on Facebook

What do you do when you have multiple cool designs and work as a tattoo artist? I guess you take advantage of that whole “multiple design at no extra cost” thing I do all day every day and get buttons for all the projects you love to support…at least that’s what happened here…

Did this order of 1.75″ pinbacks for The Electric Needle Room, Saltwound, and HARD of HEART, all from California.

Speaking of Tattoo Shops, Angel Rodriguez also sent some her original art in to be transformed into some beautiful buttons. She works at a tattoo shop down in Sacramento, CA. I really love her designs and it was a pleasure make these for her.

Thank you guys so much for your orders and for supporting small business. Please, if any of these music styles or artists seem interesting to you, please take a moment to check them out. I love when rad art comes in to the button shop, it makes what I do that much more fun.

I’ll be putting out a few of these blogs back to back, just so I can get caught up and bring you all up to current events. Thanks for taking the time to check it out.

Love ya and thanks for choosing me to be your button lady!


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