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About Becka Makes Buttons

Becka Makes Buttons, LLC, is a one-woman operation that strives to make the finest, high quality, custom buttons and crafts in Salem, OR that are available on the market today. When it comes to making custom buttons, she operates a small business with a whole lot of heart. Since 2011, she has been eager to serve her customers and community, taking great pride in pleasing those who are detail oriented and care about the consistency and quality of the products they use to represent their band, brand, business, cause, and more. She has a triple check system in place to ensure every button in your order comes out a vivid replication of your image or logo, with every pixel in its place, and aligned as perfect as humanly possible.

All the parts and machines used to make the buttons you receive are bought from Tecre Co., Inc., a company who not only proudly manufactures their parts and equipment in the United States, but also firmly stands behind the quality of the products they make and are a known leader in the industry of button making.

Buttons are a great tool for connecting people, and are often worn repeatedly on jackets, purses, bags, and more on the daily-as opposed to a t-shirt or other piece of memorabilia that gets swapped out regularly. While they may be small, they are often significant to the people who wear them and share them, which is why the quality of the product matters so much. It may just be a button to some, but to Becka, she caters to clients who know that the strength of their brand is held. Our pinback buttons made in Salem, OR are created with great care and attention to detail.

The values she cherishes most are quality, strong communication, follow through, honesty, freedom of speech, a fair price, and pride in a job well done. You’re welcome to go with any button maker you choose, but if you choose Becka, you won’t be disappointed.

Re-purposed Art Buttons

There is so much cool art out there that goes to waste in the recycle bin, and while the concept isn’t new by any means, Becka takes great delight in recycling comics, magazines, and anything else she spies that she thinks will look great on a button. If it wasn’t meant to be a button, but she thinks it looks rad and will fit in the press, you can be sure to find it in her Button Shoppe.

Educating, Inspiring, & Being Inspired Through Buttons

The Creation Station at Button Shoppe located in Salem, OR, is a great place to build a memory with your family or friends, tap into your creative side, and learn a new skill as you explore the world of creating custom buttons and crafts in Salem, OR. The whole reason the Button Shoppe exists is to share what Becka loves and to inspire creativity in the young and the young at heart, while being inspired herself. Discover the button maker inside of you!

All are welcome regardless of race, creed, color, gender, or ability. All you need is a desire to try something new (veteran button experts are always welcome as well) to create your custom buttons and crafts in Salem, OR. Becka Provides a hands on Creation Station filled with pre-cut circles, stickers, markers, magazines, and more just waiting to be bent to the will of your imagination.

Once you’ve finished designing your button, you meet Becka at the counter, where she walks you through the process of making your very own button, magnet, or key-chain. It also gives you a chance to connect with her first hand, as the Button Shoppe is a great place to chat her up face to face. You can also buy buttons online from our Salem, OR button shop.





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