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Animals, Dad Jokes, and Buttons of My Own Design

May 24th, 2020 | News | No Comments

Hello my fellow button lovers and Dad Joke enthusiasts!

I had a really fun project come across the workbench back in March, a labor of love project that was true to my heart. I have a friend who works at a veterinary hospital and wanted a way to liven up the place among her coworkers, so she asked me if I could just make some random animal buttons with silly animal and dad jokes on them. I went a little nuts, but had a lot of fun and the buttons were an absolute hit at her work place.

This was my favorite!

I designed these using pictures available under “reuse with modification” rights and went on a hunt looking for silly little jokes to slap on them. For those who know me well, also know that the dumbest jokes will make me laugh. My favorite joke of all time is:

Q: What’s brown and sticky?

A: A stick

And believe me, even after four years I still probably laughed way too hard at that as I typed it.

Since I put these together myself, these will all be available for purchase soon in the store. Trying to find a way to take some good, quality pictures. My phone works okay for doing instagram and facebook, but it would be nice to actually have some professional looking photos for the website…they will be available in 2.25″ pin-back buttons, magnets, and key-ring bottle openers.

anywho, here’s the rest of the buttons I made for that order…and yes, all of these will be available in the store.

Speaking of animals, here is one of the keepers of my heart…this is my Simon Kitty.

He’s like my little shadow everywhere I go. He likes to follow me down the street to the post office when I drop off the button orders…maybe he thinks he’s part of quality control and wants to insure I make my deliveries on time?

Zebrana Bastard runs a button of the month club out of her Patreon, where members receive a button I design every month, as it pertains to her projects. Here’s the last few that have gone out…

Now for those of you who aren’t aware…it’s pretty rare that anyone asks me to design a button for them. Usually, most images arrive to the button studio already complete and I just do the initial setup/editing to make them fit the space. I don’t even advertise my design skills, but when someone asks, I am always willing to give it a shot. Honestly, I like the challenge to grow, as it helps me get more comfortable with my editing program and I always learn something new when I rise to these challenges. Because I’m not an expert, I don’t charge for this either, I just ask that if you like what I come up with, to throw a tip in when you pay for the invoice if you’re able.

This next design was sketched up by my client, and I did my best to make what he wanted completely from scratch. I feel like for doing something like this for my first time I did pretty good and he was really happy with the end result, which honestly is all that really matters. It really is my pleasure to serve and if you’re happy with your order, then it honestly makes my world that much better. I live for the smiles.


I also decided to play around with some more free use clip art and came up with these Zodiac buttons in the 1.75″ size. When I threw these out into my social media pages to ask what people thought about them, I had a big request for magnets. At the time time, I didn’t have any parts to make magnets, but that is going to change soon as the new supply arrives later this week. So not only will these be going up in the store to purchase as magnets or buttons, but I have also added 1.75″ magnets to the available custom buttons section of my store.

Last, but not least, I also had some Covid button design requests come through. Again, these were just from people saying things like “hey could you make me a Covid 19 with a gas mask on it?” and things like that, so I put these together from scratch and from free use clip art to create these buttons, which means if you would like some too, just lemme know and I can put an order together.

I know the “C” word button can be offensive to some, but for the women who wanted them, they were pretty happy to see what I had come up with. I’m not here to censor and I’m not here to judge, I’m just here to make the buttons you want me to make and like I said before, I live for the smiles.












Last, but not least, I was having a not so super visit with my Aunt Flo/Aunt Irma, and people kept asking me how I was doing, and I kept thinking…I’m feeling pretty Super Right now, I suppose…so I designed these…I’m thinking about making a special 7 day pack of buttons for the ladies to wear when they are equally feeling as “Super” as I was a few days ago. Sometimes a little humor is all you need when dealing with the joys of being a woman. These are in the 1.75″ size.

Well, I have one more post to catch up on…so I better get to it, these blogs don’t write themselves ya know…although some days I wish they would.

Have a great day, and may you find a little joy and laughter along the way, no matter what it is your facing…laughter truly is the best medicine.

Love and buttons,


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