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About Becka Makes Buttons

What do I do?

Making buttons before my day job.

I make buttons!

Becka Makes Buttons  is one woman who’s name is Becka(weird huh?), crafting hand-pressed, custom pin-back buttons made to order in full color or black and white for your business, band, party, special occasion, just because, or any other reason you can think of. I also create art from recycled material, using buttons as my core inspiration to sell in vending machines, as center pieces to hair flowers, and jewelry. I strive to create quality, low cost products and to become a leader among the world of custom buttons, spreading art and joy with every image I punch and press.

Over the years, I have made buttons for labels, bands, festival, businesses, and more; H&R Block, Next7Exits, Splatterhouse Wreckords, Some Kind of Nightmare, The Vampirates, Bob Wayne, The Murder Junkies, The Mentors, All Shall Perish, and a whole slew of bands and projects in Tacoma, WA, and surrounding vicinity where Becka Makes Buttons started. This includes Punx in the Woods Festival, Music & Art in Wright Park, CFA, KVLT Mead, Hilltop Rats, Klondike Kate, WakeUp253, Dorky’s Arcade, Ten Pole Drunk and so many more.

I love making buttons and I want to make buttons for you, too!

Why I do this…

All I see is buttons…

I’m in the business of fun!

I am the same Becka from the bands Bastard Child, SHiT, Zebrana Bastard, and SHOWING TEETH.

The company first began in early 2012 as a way to make extra money to fuel my lust for adventure as well as my many creative project ideas from bands to live functions and much more. I’ve had a fascination with buttons since childhood and always wanted to own a button press one day. The name Becka Makes Buttons is the 4th rendition of the business, which has grown into an LLC and is focused on vending a DIY Button Station at events in addition to making custom buttons.

Becka Makes Buttons is the combination of many things I love; buttons and vending machines, comic books, creative energy, and standing up for what I believe in. This includes being a strong supporter of Freedom of Speech, self expression, and strong women. I’m a little bit older, a little bit tamer, but still with an eye for quality and a passion for buttons.

Express yourself with a button!

It’s a Passion!

I started making buttons because it was something I truly loved and was passionate about. I loved blogging about the awesome people who bought my products and saw them as friends more than just clients. I wanted to create the best buttons I could and really support the folks who supported me in the process. This is why the button blog is just as important to me as creating high quality products. These products are relatively inexpensive and ship quickly. I spent 6 years as a touring musician and road dog for myself and other bands. These experiences helped me to understand the importance of getting things out in a timely manner on an even tighter schedule. I love the challenge of getting button orders out to a band on tour that needs merch in a pinch.

Since the start there have been many folks who’s help greatly contributed to the success of my business, from the friends who bought my products to the friends who helped build the foundation of the company. Without the support of  these people; Tika Wolff, John Howard, Dorky’s Arcade, Thomas Payne(RIP), Shawna Reid, Annika Welsh, Joy Bonney, and Travis Brisbin, Becka Makes Buttons would not be what it is today. There are far too many others to name, but these were the people who believed in me, restlessly worked with me and/or for me, encouraged me, had my back through the darkest period of my life, and helped me to not give up on myself or my business through the mistakes I made and the lessons I learned. Without you all, none of this would be possible.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


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