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Entering the World of Buttons

April 16th, 2021 | News | No Comments

Entering the World of Buttons

Hello, World! My name is Tianna. If you’ve been following along, you know that Becka has recently hired me to help run some of the social assets for Becka Makes Buttons, including Instagram, Facebook, and this lovely blog. 

You also know that I am a creative person – who sometimes disguises herself as a mermaid. But as creative as I am – I don’t know much about the world of buttons. My favorite thing about taking on this new position is getting to share a creative passion with an art form I am not familiar with.

So – if you are also new to buttons, let me share some exciting things I’ve learned:

They come in all shapes and sizes.

My impression of buttons was always a “One size fits all,” but that’s not the case. You really can get buttons to match the size that you need.

You can get custom designs, logos, and sayings on them.

I always knew you could get specific logos on buttons or branded items but did you know if you saw an excellent design in a magazine – you could turn that into a button? And if you can’t do it – that’s why there is Becka! I love Supergirl, and I love the DC comics – one of the cool things that Becka does – is takes cool designs from comics and pressed them into magnets. Like, seriously? So cool!

They are great for many occasions.

When I use to think of buttons, my mind would instantly go to 1980s campaigns, but there are so many more creative and fun ways to use and rock stellar controls. One of my favorite ways that I’ve learned about is party favors, save the dates, or even name tags. I’d much rather have a group of volunteers wearing buttons than stick-on tags, wouldn’t you? 

Here are some orders that have come in since I started with Becka that I absolutely love! 

Hungry Bubbles

Pin-ups for a Purpose (Fundraiser)

In my last month of working alongside Becka Makes Buttons, I’ve learned about several different organizations, bands, comics, and, most importantly, how not to take yourself too seriously.

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