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Becka – Wingin’ It As I Go

I’m so old school I still use paint and OpenOffice Draw to do all my editing and designing. Computer art tactics are not my strong point, but I’m always willing to give it a shot, and usually my clients are pretty stoked with the end results. I’m pretty decent with simple shapes and words. As the owner of the company, I think it’s good to dabble, but I am the first to tell you that I’m no expert.

Sometimes I draw stuff and things, but you have to be really convincing and really patient. I occasionally do enjoy the challenge.


john t howard

John Howard – Artist & Illustrator

John Howard is the creator of my favorite comic book character. She was the main heroine of his Adult underground comic series, HBS, that littered smoke shops, 18+ sections of comic shops, and bathrooms all throughout the 90′s.  It was through the pages of these comics that I found a strong, independent, and resourceful hero. The attention to detail, the personality of the characters, and the humor in the story telling-I felt-set it apart from any adult comics I had seen before. I loved it so much that I spent 14 years tracking down every issue ever made. Along the way, I made a friend.


T-shirt design John drew for one of my music projects.

Since 2011, John has been designing t-shirts, stickers, album covers, and other various commissioned artworks for me.

I love his art style, and I think more people should be aware that he exists. Yes, he draws mainly adult material that is NSFW, but there’s almost always a strong and empowering element to the women depicted in his art. John has an appreciation for strong women and I think it really shows in his drawings.

John is one of the few artists that is still hand drawing every piece he creates. In a world riddled with technology, it’s almost a lost art. His medium of choice is mostly India Inks and acrylics. I honestly believe magic comes from his drawing table, and he still does the drawn artwork for my website and any project I have going on. I’m happy he’s a part of Becka Makes Buttons, offering his creative hand when I need.

"It's Not The Kitty's Fault You're So Jaded"

“It’s Not The Kitty’s Fault You’re So Jaded”

John is available for commissioned artwork. He’s got the experience and the skill to draw whatever it is you’re looking for. He’s also reliable, which I think is important when dealing with time sensitive material.

Contact him directly to discuss your next button design, show flier, etc. His website is NSFW and for adults only.

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